Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Casi goes to Budapest

This is my the video and text  for the second part of the competition.It was a great day and ride and I would like to thank all my friends for helping me. And a big shout out to Iuliu Theer for having the patience to work with me.
    It was a lazy Wednesday .
    I stood there dreaming  of the sun reflecting  on my chromed pipes and roads not limited by  conventional curves.
    My visions smell of burned gas and shredded rubber.

 And then she entered.
 She was an accident waiting to happen.
 Tight pants, bright colors, and a wild attitude. Agreed, it wasn’t a pretty arrangement, but these weren’t pretty times.
 And she picks me. I am a mean machine, 848 pounds of steel with a black powder coated Twin Cam engine with chrome covers .I got 1690 cc’s delivering 83hp worth of get outta my way.Powered by the finest premium technology the 2015 Harley Davidson Company had to offer, i was both reckless and beautiful .

       She could never handle me !

But then she came at me with a vengeance.  With Casi at the handlebar, it’s hell on wheels all over again and she’s riding the lighting.  The journey that started right now between the urban borders of Budapest had taken both rider and bike on a quest of power.

        The only real question is which would give in first, me or her ?

                               Curious to know who won?Check out the video.

P.S.This is my face after the ride.

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