Sunday, November 9, 2014

Forever the Chaos Life

Live your life the way you want to live it. Don’t let people say you can’t do things or you are incapable, or that what you are doing is giving other people a bad wrap in what so called group/scene whatever the hell you want to call it. Do you! Take risks! If we all just cower and “say what if?” “i can’t do that cause he said she said” or “I shouldn’t do that cause he or she will judge me.” Fuck all that nonsense. If you are Not doing what you want to do then you most likely will live a life full of regret. Try new things, fuck what others think. Be different, be free, live your life and be excellent to others. I got into riding motorcycles because in a sense there are no rules and its a community of amazing, hardworking, and loving people. It’s just the next step in a punk rock, diy mentality to my life that I have always and forever loved. It’s the ultimate freedom! There should never be rules. I don’t care about what people think of me, my bike, how I ride it, or even that I could kill myself taking photos while riding. If someone says I can’t do something I turn right back at them and say yes I can. I care that I am doing what I want to do for me, not to please others view points about me! Life is too short to live in a bubble and be in constant worry of what people think about you. Be you don’t worry what others think and stop passing judgments on other people. As long as your respectful and loving to others, hardworking, and true to yourself nothing else should matter. Live your life and be excellent to one another. - Forever the Chaos Life