Saturday, February 12, 2011

Public speech

Zoran a prezentat joi Enduro First Day, aici e parerea lui despre cum au decurs lucrurile. Multumim de prezentare si te asteptam si joia viitoare.

"Problems with public speech? Try to have a slide show about the history of enduro riding form 1900 to 1960 in a bar full of chopper riders. It is the perfect scenery for disaster and future jokes which start with the line: “A motocross rider enters a chopper bar…”
I survived the first round, at least I think I did not suck… that much.
Next week is going to be all about the technical innovations from 1960 till present times, same place – the local chopper hang around.
A short time line of this ongoing work can be found here – the Offroad History page on this blog."

Pentru restul intrati aici Zoran

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